Passing another ferry as we head to Cumberland Head, NY

Ferry Ride!

I haven’t been on the ferry in a long time. But every time I go, I definitely enjoy the ride. Today’s brisk autumn air, bright sunshine and lots of fluffy clouds under the baby blue sky made for the most enjoyable ride. As I arrived at Gordon Landing in Grand Isle, I spied this SUV …

Autumn Yellows at The Green Cottage

Autumn By Us

The leaves just outside our doors are getting bolder. Reds, yellows and oranges — still on the trees, for now!  The lake level is down, as it normally is this time of year. Notice the wide beach front that we and our neighbors enjoy this time of year. Today’s temps were in the low 70’s …

Notch Road in Stowe, VT

Check Out Vermont Colors

Autumn colors are popping up just outside our windows. Lake Champlain shores are getting more yellow, orange and red. Not just on the trees, but on the ground as some leaves start to fall. Our temperatures have been abnormally warm this fall. I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to take my favorite 4.25 mile walk …

Drawbridge sign in The Champlain Islands

Feel the Lake Waves

We just went through a heat wave at the end of September! I used the opportunity to get in another jet ski ride. It was a bit wavy so I thought I’d capture the look of the waves from this relatively blocked spot on the inland sea not far from Ladd’s Marina. Check it out.

Mama Pig Up Close

2017 Champlain Valley Fair

Pentatonix, the acapella singing group, came to the Champlain Valley Fair on the last night of the 10-day festival. I’m a fan so when my sister offered to get tickets for us, you know I agreed! I don’t know that it was public knowledge at the time that Avi planned to leave the group at …

The Green Cottage vacation rental home on the shore of Lake Champlain

2018 Reservations Started

It’s still early August 2017 and 2 weeks have already been booked at the Green Cottage for summer 2018! If you already know that you’ll have vacation restrictions in 2018, make your reservation now to ensure you get your week on the lake! Our Green Cottage features a full second floor master suite with 2-person …

15.2 mile Bike Trek to South Hero

West Shore Bike Ride

This turned out to be a 15.2 mile bike ride. I grabbed photos of businesses and sights on my ride. I’ve estimated about which mile marker the various photos align best with as I traveled in a counter-clockwise loop from the north end of Grand Isle to South Hero and back. Keep in mind that …

Time for a little bit longer bike ride on Grand Isle's east shore.

Favorite 8 Mile Bike Ride

When I have time for a little bit longer bike ride, but not a full day adventure, this 8+ mile loop is my favorite. I always go in a clockwise loop because although the slopes are longer in that direction, there’s a pretty long steep incline in the counter direction. The majority of the ride …