Pump gas first and then pay inside.

Hankerin’ Satisfied

  Oh, if your mind is in the gutter, try again! I was really hankering for a Hero’s Welcome Deli made sandwich wrap this afternoon. And what better way to get there are on sunny 78 degree day than by riding a bicycle! I set my handy-dandy Map-My-Run app on my cell phone to keep …

Map of Fee-Free Vacation Rentals

Avoid Booking Sites; Book Direct; See map!

Vacation rental homes are not hotels. They all have their perks and nuances. The best way to search the myriad of available homes has been the big listing/booking sites. But maybe it’s time to reconsider where you do your searching. I’ve joined several forums where homeowners are discussing new ways to market their properties now …

Minion Kite Flying

Tree Ate Kite!

Not a good day for our Minion kite. With no luck getting it into the air trying many times over the last month, we decided to put our engineering skills to use. (FYI, none of us is an engineer.) Well, we got the kite in the air, but….

Snow White Wine from Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero, VT

Snow Farm Vineyard – Wine, Beer and Music

Snow Farm Vineyard’s Summer Concert Series is so much fun! We paired Snow White wine with our picnic of blackened shrimp, tomato & mozzarella salad, cheese, baguettes and blueberries. So good! While we enjoyed our meal under the bright blue sky and sunshine, we were also dancing in our chairs to the music of Shake, …

Parc Safari - Sniffing Around

Parc Safari Adventure

With family visiting this week, we decided to take the quick 45 minute drive to Parc Safari for a day of adventure and fun! There were 14 of us going in 3 vehicles. Andy and I drove a pick-up truck, for which all in the family decided would offer the best safari seating in the …

Book Your Vacation Rental Directly From Owner - Avoid Fees!

How to find your next Vacation Rental Home

The big vacation rental home “listing sites” are no more.  They are all converting to “booking sites”, à la AirBnB, since there’s more money in it for them, although they take no responsibility associated with owning and maintaining the properties or assisting the travelers with the property. That onus falls on the property owner…as it …

Champlain Islands Bike Map

Bicycling Around the Champlain Islands

I absolutely love bicycle riding through The Champlain Islands. I’m a novice rider…meaning I ride a road bike, I carry a pack on my bike and my riding attire usually includes gym shorts and a tie-dyed t-shirt. I’m riding for the pure joy of getting some exercise while enjoying the scenery. It never gets old. …

Drawbridge sign in The Champlain Islands

Keeping Up With The Drawbridge

I noticed in this week’s Islander Newspaper that there is a posting in the Legal Notices section regarding the drawbridge between Grand Isle and North Hero. What caught my attention is the times of operation. Last year, due to issues with the bridge, the schedule allowed for the bridge lifting on the hour between 8am …