How well do you know our vacation rental homes?

When you submit your answers, the right answers will show with a green underline. Any wrong answers will be underlined in red. Only the questions that you answered and that you answered correctly are given credit.

You may have more fun knowingly answering the questions wrong!

Question #1: Do I need to bring insect repellent?

There are lots of insects around a lake. But there are also a lot of creatures around a lake that eat them - fish, birds, etc. You may or may not need insect repellent while you're here. You can pick some up locally if you find that you do need some.

Question #2: Is there air conditioning in the vacation home?

You got that wrong!  We do have air conditioning so that you'll always be comfortable.

Question #3: Are there fish in the lake?

Of course there are fish in Lake Champlain. But just so you know, there have been Champ sightings over the years.

Question #4: What time is Check-in?

There's not much room for flexibility when it comes to check-in. We usually have guests checking out that morning and then we need time to restock and clean. Check-in time is 4pm or later.

Question #5: Do you accept reservations during Fall Foliage season?

Of course we accept Fall reservations. It really is a beautiful time of year and I have the perfect foliage route to share with you.

Question #6: What’s the nearest big city?

Burlington is the nearest city to get to by roadway. Plattsburgh is probably physically closer, but you'll have to add a ferry ride to get there. Montreal is not too far either and it's a big city. It will probably take you about an hour and 15 minutes to get into Montreal.

Question #7: What if we run out of propane for the grill?

We keep spares on hand. Just let us know if your tank runs dry.

Question #8: How many bedrooms in The Green Cottage/Sandy Cove Lake House?

The Green Cottage has 2 bedrooms. The master is the entire second floor. It has a private lakeside deck. The large walk-in master closet also has a twin bed that can be used as a bedroom for your little one.  The bedroom on the first floor has a queen bed. There are 3 bedrooms in Sandy Cove Lake House. The master suite on the first floor and the queen lakeside bedroom and bunk bedroom (sleeps 5) are on the second floor.

Question #9: Is there a dishwasher in the home?

Of course there's a dishwashing machine! The dishwasher cleaning tablets are in a container under the kitchen sink. Just drop the tablet in the compartment and shut the compartment door before starting the dishwasher.

Question #10: Is it true that Snowfarm Vineyard in South Hero (about 15 minutes away) hosts free summer concerts on Thursday nights?

Concerts are held every Thursday evening from June to September, weather permitting. Picnicking begins at 5 p.m. and music starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. Bring your own chairs and blankets. Please see their site for full details.

Question #11: Do we need to bring our own condiments?

We do not supply condiments. But like in a family-friendly restaurant, you may find a condiment bottle that was used by a previous guest already there waiting for you.

Question #12: Can I tie up my boat to the dock?

We've had several guests over the years that bring their own boats. Our own boat requires a 4' draft. But depending on the season, any boat that requires that much clearance could have problems getting to our docks. We should talk about your needs when discussing your reservation.

Question #13: Is there a nearby place to rent a Pontoon Boat?

There are actually 2 places within 15 minutes of our homes that rent Pontoon boats. We'll guide you...just let us know your interest.

Question #14: What about trash and recycling?

Uck! Can you imagine driving home with your trash!?! We don't encourage excessive trash...it's not good for the earth. Our rental agreement states what we allow.

Question #15: Is there a washer and dryer in the home?

We have stacked units. You should only use HE-labeled detergents in the washer.

Question #16: Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

You can bring your own sheets and towels if you want. But we'll have sheets and bath towels here for you too. You do need to bring your own beach towels.

Question #17: Is there a place nearby to rent bicycles?

Luckily, bicycles can be rented at Hero's Welcome which is less than 5 miles north of us.

Question #18: Is there hot water in the outdoor private shower of the Sandy Cove Lake House?

Because we didn't want neighbors to be concerned by shrieking coming from the outdoor shower, we have a hot water tank connected in the shed.  So you can have your warm water outdoor shower!

Question #19: What States/Countries does Lake Champlain border?

For your geography lesson of the day...the correct answer is Vermont, New York and Quebec, Canada. The lake flows northward into the Richelieu River in Canada. Grand Isle is located on one of the Champlain Islands of Vermont.

Question #20: Is the water in the tap directly from the lake?

Really? Did you think we'd risk clogging our water lines with "aquatic materials"?

Question #21: Should we bring jackets or a sweatshirt for a summer reservation?

The likelihood that you will need a jacket in peak summer is slim. But, boy, if it does get chilly, you'll be glad you have it with you.

Question #22: What’s the name of our bay on Lake Champlain?

Sorry, that is another area of Lake Champlain. Our homes are located on "The Gut" of Lake Champlain.

Question #23: Are beach towels provided?

Beach towels can get a lot of abuse. Therefore, we ask our guests to provide their own.

Question #24: What time is Check-out?

We usually have someone checking in later on the day you check-out. We need the time to restock and clean.  Check-out time is 10am or earlier.

Question #25: Should we bring water shoes or something to protect our feet?

Better to be safe than sorry. Water shoes or even old sneakers will protect your feet so that you have an enjoyable vacation.

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