Riding the Island Trail Causeway by bike

Biking the Island Trail

Island Trail Bike Ferry in South Hero, VT
Island Trail Bike Ferry in South Hero, VT

This is the Vermont Bike Trail you don’t want to miss! The Island Trail runs 14 miles mostly along the shore of Lake Champlain. The first 4 miles at the north end of the path in South Hero is gravel. You’ll learn to ignore any bumps and dust as the Lake Champlain vistas will envelope you.

Bike Ferry

Within a mile of joining the Island Trail from Martin Road in South Hero, you’ll reach a 200′ wide break in the trail. A ferry now moves bicycles and pedestrians across the way where the former railroad swing bridge once operated. For a small fee, you can support this operation and enjoy a quick ride to the other side of the gap.

The Island Trail is the former Rutland Railroad converted to a recreation path. The Trail runs from the south end of Burlington to the south end of South Hero, passing through the town of Colchester.

Things You’ll See

Along the way you’ll cross the mouth of the Winooski River as it pours out into Lake Champlain. You’ll pass many lakeside parks where you might want to stop and enjoy a break. In the heart of Burlington’s waterfront, you’ll pass the skateboard park, ECHO Science Center, lakeside restaurants and Perkins Pier.

Videos Of My August Ride

Enjoy these videos of my recent bike ride from South Hero to Perkins Pier in Burlington.

More About the Island Trail


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