Champlain Islands Candy Lab in South Hero, Vermont

Champlain Islands Candy Lab

That “Gelato” flag was waving to me yesterday when I was nearby in South Hero. But it was late and I guessed the Champlain Islands Candy Lab was closed. I knew my mission today. I was going to ride my bike from Grand Isle to South Hero ensuring I counter-balanced any sweet calories I’d be consuming. The Champlain Islands Candy Lab was my destination.

Getting a late start and not knowing what time the Candy Lab closed, I chose the most direct route riding the 8.3 miles on US Route 2. The Candy Lab is just around the corner from the main Islands thoroughfare on South Street in South Hero, Vermont. I pushed my bike pedals as fast as I could on this bright, sunny and warm afternoon. By the time I arrived, I needed a cool-down period before I could even think about learning about my gelato choices. I used the time to explore the confections on display and spend some time in the refreshingly cool indoor seating area.

Colorful Chocolate Confections

Candy Lab Indoor Seating
Candy Lab Indoor Seating

Creative Gelato Flavors

With my cool-down a success, the owner and chocolatier explained my gelato choices. Most were made with in-season produce from the Champlain Islands. The flavors included sweet corn, cantaloupe, tomato-Brandywine and chocolate as well as a few more. I chose lemon-basil and blackberry, which I very much enjoyed! I could have had a Caprese salad by pairing the lemon-basil with the tomato-Brandywine.

The owner explained that they also have fritters and pastries in the morning. Plus they have a wide selection of coffee choices from your basic hot coffee to iced coffee to decorated coffee.

The store hours were not on the door and I didn’t think to ask while I was there. Although their business hours are not listed on their Web site, you can find them on their Google Maps listing. I guess I got there at the end of their work day – 6pm. No one seemed in a rush to leave.

Looks like I’ll have to visit again and get the low-down on baked goods and coffee choices. I’ll also want to try some of the Candy Lab’s eye-appealing chocolates.

Champlain Islands Candy Lab

Address: 6 South St, South Hero, VT 05486
Phone: (802) 378-5759
Web site:

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