Fireworks, Knight Point State Park

Fireworks & Boating!

We’re very fortunate to be sharing the same bay on Lake Champlain as Knight Point State Park. That’s where the annual Fourth of July fireworks are set….but usually on July 3! Isn’t it curious how we probably more often refer to this holiday by a date rather than by the holiday itself, Independence Day?  This is why that riddle which asks if England has a 4th of July works! (If you don’t know it, leave a comment and I’ll explain.)

It’s become our tradition to invite family and friends and ride our boat close to the State Park to get some of the best views of the fireworks. Not only do we get see these up close and personal, we usually see bursts of fireworks in the distance from other towns on the lake in both Vermont and New York. Then there are always the few non-town sponsored mini-firework shows in the area that will grab our attention too.

The effect of the fireworks are double from our boat. They’re brilliant in the sky and they’re brilliant reflecting on the water. Every year I find myself uttering “oooo”, “ohhh” and “ahhh” throughout the show.  And I’m not the only one saying, “That was my favorite.  No, wait a minute.  That’s my favorite!” We’re all aware we’re doing this and yet none of us seem to be able to control ourselves. Even the ones making fun of us, are oblivious that they are doing it too!

Luckily, having a boat isn’t a requirement to get close to our fireworks. The park is free of charge after 5pm. There’s always live music and food trucks for the celebration. I’ve never had the pleasure of arriving by land, but it’s nice to know we have a great close-by option.

I know it’s a little early to trust the forecast for Sunday, but it is looking like the days leading up to  and including July 3 are perfect summer weather days. We might have to engage in multiple celebratory days as we approach the epic show!

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