Pump gas first and then pay inside.

Hankerin’ Satisfied

Stimulates your senses at Hero's Welcome
Stimulates your senses at Hero’s Welcome
All kinds of eclectic kitchen wares at Hero's Welcome in North Hero, VT.
All kinds of eclectic kitchen wares at Hero’s Welcome in North Hero, VT.
Lots of water toys at the marine store
Lots of water toys at the marine store
Norman Rockwell wrap for lunch at Hero's Welcome.
Norman Rockwell wrap for lunch at Hero’s Welcome.
Lots of candy to choose from. Scoop your own at Hero's Welcome.
Lots of candy to choose from. Scoop your own at Hero’s Welcome.
One clock for each Island by the coffee counter and the door to the Post Office.
One clock for each Island by the coffee counter and the door to the Post Office.


Oh, if your mind is in the gutter, try again! I was really hankering for a Hero’s Welcome Deli made sandwich wrap this afternoon. And what better way to get there are on sunny 78 degree day than by riding a bicycle!

I set my handy-dandy Map-My-Run app on my cell phone to keep track of my mileage and time. Don’t misunderstand. I’m a joy rider, which was evident when two cyclists wearing fashionable biking attire easily passed me! But I like to know how far I travel and how long it took so I can brag about it!

I stayed on US Route 2 the entire ride as my mission was to reach that sandwich ASAP. I passed many aptly named roads like Peartree Lane, where a pear tree hugged the corner and Log Cabin Lane where a log cabin house stood proud. In 25 minutes and 4.68 miles from home, I was finally at Hero’s Welcome.

Arriving at 3:30 in the afternoon, there wasn’t any line and I had multiple attendants ready to take my order. They happened to be out of hummus, so my old reliable “The Dewey” just wouldn’t be the same. I decided to order by second favorite, “The Thomas Jefferson”. No, wait. That’s not it.  It’s been so long since I’ve ordered anything by The Dewey. There it was … “The Norman Rockwell”. But my variation changed homemade bread for a tomato-basil wrap and switched out the cheese for cheddar.

I went to pay at the register while my sandwich was made. A woman came in asking the teenage cashier if she should pay for gas before pumping. The girl just waved her hand and told the woman she can pump what she needs and then come back in to pay. It’s not often you see this kind of trust anymore. It was definitely refreshing and made me think that I probably didn’t need to lock up my bike while in the store!

I quickly snapped photos to add to this blog post while my sandwich sat ready for me at the deli. Still a little hot from my bike ride, I chose to sit in the shade of the store rather than walk across the street to the sunny picnic area. Boy, that sandwich wrap hit the spot! I watched boat launches, others bringing their sandwiches to the picnic area and listened to the multitude of birds chirping nearby. Just an overall pleasant meal for me.

Fully nourished, I was ready for my bike ride home. I made sure to resume the Map-My-Run app for the ride home. I noticed that the Tie-Dye Shop wasn’t next door to the Post Office. I made a mental note to find out where they went when I got home. … And I just got an email response from Robert. They’re back to just the Alburgh store now.  At least it’s a nice drive to get to their Alburgh store.

Anyway, check out my quick-pics of Hero’s Welcome. So many eclectic things to shop for in the store. Breakfast options includes lots of pastries, muffins and other baked goods. Lots of hot coffee options all day long. The deli is great for lunch and an early dinner. The candy jars are always fun to look through. If you have room, there’s the ice cream counter too. The marine store out back is where you’ll find water toys, and floating things and fishing things. And although you can get here by bike or car, there’s always the option of boating over too!






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