Hummingbird at Green Cottage feeder


Thanks to our recent multi-week guests, we have hummingbird feeders at The Green Cottage. In the past, we occasionally saw a hummingbird fly by. But apparently, we didn’t have the right flower or feeder to keep them here.

Multiple Hummingbird Feeders attracting birds to our cottage in Grand Isle, Vermont.
Multiple Hummingbird Feeders attracting birds to our cottage in Grand Isle, Vermont.

Now, we’re seeing the birds regularly at the feeders and some even fluttering by checking out the flower boxes on our deck next door. Who knew? Put out the hummingbird feeders and they will come.

Hummingbirds Like Red!

Perhaps we should have expected this since there appears to be lots of hummingbirds in the area. But we were caught off guard walking into our garage only to hear the anxious fluttering of a hummingbird flying overhead. We’re guessing Andy’s bright red car is what brought the bird into the open garage. Once in, he only knew to fly up, where no exit existed.

I was able to grab some pictures as he hovered by the garage door mechanism. Until I looked at the photos afterwards, I didn’t realize that I caught the bird hovering both with his wings in front and then in back.

A few times, the bird did find a perch to take a break and allowing me to get pictures that captured a little more of his color.

Although we stayed back hoping to reduce the bird’s anxiety, he eventually flew into the ceiling knocking himself out and then fell to the garage floor. Andy gently scooped him up and no sooner than he was in the garage door frame, did the roused hummingbird fly off!

Hummingbird Stunned to Ground after Hitting Ceiling
Hummingbird Stunned to Ground after Hitting Ceiling

Moral to Our Story

I guess we’ll have to keep the garage door closed especially if there’s a bright red car parked inside! Meanwhile, Andy and I, along with our cottage guests, will continue to watch the hummingbirds flutter by with beautiful Lake Champlain as the back-drop.

Vacation at The Green Cottage

Plan your next family or couple’s vacation at our lakefront cottage in the Champlain Island town of Grand Isle, Vermont. Hummingbirds, herons, ospreys, ducks and more will capture your attention over Lake Champlain. Go fishing off the dock or bring your own motor boat and explore the Lake. Ladd’s Marina, only a mile away, also rents motor boats. Plenty to keep everyone happy! Learn more and reserve at

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