Violet Lilac Blossoms

Lilacs in Bloom

Lilacs in bloom
Lilacs in bloom

I think that the lilacs are blooming later this year. I always remember them starting to bloom around Mother’s Day. But here it is the first week in June and the heavenly scent of these beautiful blossoms surround me.

I didn’t give it a second thought when I started on my afternoon constitutional. My plan was to walk to and along East Shore Road North in Grand Isle. I figured there and back would be at least 3 miles and give me plenty of lake vistas.

The first light breeze caught me off guard. Not because of a coolness of the wind, but because of the lilac essence that surrounded me. The nearest shrub was a good distance away. This sensory delight led to my secondary mission — collecting photos of these aromatic beauties.

Many Lake Champlain Islanders have lilacs on their properties. It’s amazing to think that these beautiful plants can withstand Vermont’s cold winters. Some shrubs appear to grow wild. Others are shaped into balls of blossoms. Others grow into walls of trees.

I’ve transplanted Lilac roots in front of our Green Cottage. The first few years, I trimmed them back not wanting to block the eastward-facing windows. As the years went by and the shrubs always trying to defeat me in their growth, I thought why not let them grow taller? They’ll provide shade for the bedroom windows allowing the occupant a little more shut-eye!

Lilacs in Bloom at The Green Cottage
Lilacs in Bloom at The Green Cottage

I’m a lazy garderner. I just put plants in the ground where I have a bare spot. So the needs of these lilacs were not addressed. However reading about their care now, I’m lucky that I put them in a place that gets at least 6 hours of sunshine a day.

You can see from some of the stray lilacs I passed on my walk, that it seems others, like me, haphazardly planted lilacs along the road side. Those with better sunlight look a little fuller than those with less.

My nearby neighbor has a lilac shrub hedge near the roadside. He has them all shaped nicely. And the scent as I walked by was glorious. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll plant a hedge of lilacs too!

Lilac Hedges
Lilac Hedges

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