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Maple Open House Weekend!

2017 Vermont Maple Open House Weekend
2017 Vermont Maple Open House Weekend


If you’ve never experienced real maple syrup, you’re missing something!

Growing up in Virginia, we had “pancake syrup” for our Sunday morning breakfasts. I chose to spread jam on my pancakes instead because I did not like the fake stuff. I didn’t know that “real maple syrup” existed.

Then our family moved to Vermont, the state that holds the title of largest producer of maple syrup in the United States. Although I was excited to go to the Audobon Nature Center to witness maple tree tapping and experience sugar on snow, I really wasn’t curious to taste the real stuff thinking it was just like pancake syrup. Boy, was I surprised! Real maple syrup is the best!

Your chance is here. In just a couple of weeks, Vermont Maple Sugarhouses will open their doors to the public. It’s an opportunity to sample this delight on snow, see a sugarhouse in action and learn about the process that takes the sap from the tree and and turns it into sweet gold.

Check out the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association list of sugarhouses you’ll want to visit the weekend of March 25, 2017. Sugar on snow, maple candy, maple creemees, maples donuts along with sleigh rides and live music will make your stomachs and your hearts happy!

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