Niquette Bay State Park

Niquette Bay State Park

Nearby Hiking Spot

With a lot of cloud cover today, we figured it might be a nice day for a hike. Even without the clouds, I’m guessing the canopy of trees above us would have kept us reasonably comfortable.

With good hiking shoes and our bottles of water, we managed two hours of hiking through the forested area. We aren’t skilled hikers and those with more experience would cover more than us in the same time. But we were happy to take in the scenery at our slower pace.

Hikers on the Trail
Hikers on the Trail

Hike to the Beach

There is a beach area that you could choose to spend some time. But once we got out into the full sun (yes, the clouds cleared during our hike), we were eager to get back into the shade of the trail.

Where’s Niquette Bay State Park?

We headed south on US Route 2 for about 20 minutes before turning onto Raymond Rd. Within seconds we were at the entrance to Niquette Bay State Park.

The Park address is 274 Raymond Road, Colchester, Vermont.

At the time of our hike (August 9, 2020), the COVID-19 Pandemic is in force and face masks are required in the Park.

On the Web

Visit Niquette Bay State Park online to learn more.

Perfectly Framed View of Mount Mansfield
Perfectly Framed View of Mount Mansfield

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