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Vacation at The Green Cottage

The Green Cottage is no longer available for rent. If you’re interested in purchasing the domain name,, please use the form below to express your interest.

Thank you for your interest in The Green Cottage located in Grand Isle, Vermont. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

You may find the answer to some of your questions on our Terms and FAQs pages.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, we don’t have your correct email address. Please submit again or call 802-395-1155 to speak to Susan.

Green Cottage Availability Calendar

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Note: Our minimum summer rental period is 6 days. However, because we are lenient with check-in/out dates and accept longer stays too, there may be 5-day unreserved blocks of time between existing reservations. Only then will we accept a 5-day reservation, pro rated.

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    Please be aware that The Green Cottage has the following terms/restrictions:

    Max occupancy of 6 guests and visitors.
    Parking is available for 2 vehicles and one trailer.
    No smoking on the property.
    Pets are not permitted.

    The information collected is only used to communicate with you on this request/inquiry.

    Important notes about our property:

    No Pets, No Smoking, No Events

    Our property and cottage are smoke-free.
    Our property and cottage are pet-free.
    Cottage max. occupancy including visitors is 6 people (adults and children).

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