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Scroll saw fish for our vacation rentals Web site

My dad is a scroll saw artist. At the time I was planning the furnishings for the newly built Sandy Cove Lake House, I asked Dad if he would make some pieces that I could use for decor.  He was more than happy to oblige. Knowing how much the materials and shipping cost, I offered to pay him. Dad would never accept payment from me, so I offered to use our vacation rental homes as a gallery for his work. Should a visitor be so moved to buy his work, I would forward Dad the receipts. I’m happy to say that a few pieces have sold and I’ve been very excited to forward the funds to Dad.

Scroll Saw Sailboat
Scroll Saw Sailboat

Still, I felt I should do something more to pay Dad back for his costs and time. That’s when I decided to create a Web site for him to advertise his scroll saw work. My hope is that this Web site will bring his art to a much wider audience.  Please check out and let your family friends know about the site too! There’s a contact form on that site where you can submit your requests directly to Dad (a.k.a. John).

The emblem I use for my Web site is a photo of a fish plaque my dad created that I placed on a turquoise background.  I commissioned my dad to specifically make the sailboat that now stands on a post at the end of my driveway. I also asked him to create the seagulls that I hung on the side of the Sandy Cove Lake House shed. I felt that it needed something to add excitement to an otherwise boring shed.

If you have a special project, please contact my dad through his Web site and see if he can create the art you desire! Check out the photos of the items he already has made too.

Scroll Saw Seagulls on Shed
Scroll Saw Seagulls on Shed

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