Andy and Susan own 2 vacation rentals in Grand Isle, Vermont


Welcome to Vacation Rentals In Vermont Blog! This is my very first posting on our new Web site. I created this site when I learned my primary means of advertising our two rental properties was changing from a listing site (i.e. A place for me to advertise) to something that tried to take control of how I run my vacation rental business. It was time for me to diversify!  I’ll write another blog post about that ordeal soon.  But for now, let’s start at the beginning.

Our vacation rental history…..

I chose to advertise with Homeaway when we first started renting our summer home in North Hero, VT back in 2012.  Our neighbors were using Homeaway and I figured that if a large family was looking to rent, they may choose both mine and my neighbor’s homes so that all could be close to each other. Well, that never happened. But I did get a pretty full summer.

Later that year, we bought the home next door to us in Grand Isle. We did some repairs and listed it on Homeaway in December 2012. Our first guests were ice fishermen! We had 2 groups of ice fisherman stay that year and they’ve returned every winter since except for this year…when, unfortunately, our short ice season mixed with complications each group experienced meant no ice fishing for them.

With 2 vacation rental homes, we set up one for Saturday to Saturday weekly reservations and the other from Sunday to Sunday. Needless to say, our summer 2013 weekends were very busy!

In early 2014, a couple spotted our “For Sale” sign posted on the tree in front of our North Hero cottage and the talks began. I still accepted reservations because it wasn’t a done deal. We ended up closing in late July and the two guests that had weeks reserved afterwards graciously agreed to stay at our Green Cottage in Grand Isle instead.

In the fall of 2014, we tore down Sandy Cove Cottage so that we could build Sandy Cove Lake House. Once again, The Green Cottage saved the day.  We had 2 more small groups scheduled for Sandy Cove Cottage and they also graciously agreed to move to our Green Cottage.

The Green Cottage is the second home on our residential property. Andy and I lived in the cottage for over a year while we tore down and rebuilt the house we currently live in. We then used the cottage for family and friends when they visited. It was lucky that we had this spare cottage! With the North Hero cottage sold, bringing The Green Cottage into our vacation rental repertoire seemed logical.

In summer 2015, we put the new Sandy Cove Lake House into vacation rental service. With The Green Cottage, we were back in full swing. Having both houses on either side of our home makes guest transitions much easier for us.

In 2016, I didn’t force a Saturday to Saturday week in one house and a Sunday to Sunday reservation in the other. We’ll see if this was a mistake or not!

I’m excited for the upcoming busy season. We’ve met so many wonderful people over the years. Although Andy and I have owned and rented regular residential properties before, I much prefer vacation rentals. People on vacation are fun people and it’s wonderful being surrounded by fun people!  (Note: I’m not saying that regular residential rental folks aren’t fun people. They’re just not operating on fun mode most of the time compared to vacation folks.)

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